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Using Phonophoresis to Enhance Treatment

Phonophoresis is when the ultrasound machine is used to deliver topically applied medicines. By using therapeutic ultrasound for a longer period of time with the phonophoretic medicine, more medicine can be delivered and deeper as well.
The medicines can either be contained within or under the ultrasound gel. They are pushed by the sound waves and driven deep below the skin into the tissues. This method is more effective than massaging in the medicine with bare hands. Many natural analgesics and anti-inflammatory medicines are more effective when delivered this way. Oral medications drug the entire body, while phonophoresis ensures that the part of the body that needs the medicine is the part that receives it.  

However, not all topical medications can be administered phonophoretically. Medicines that require very exact dosing shouldn’t and can’t be administered this way. The medicine’s molecule size determines whether or not the ultrasound waves can pick up the medicine to pass it through to the tissues. The medicine can’t react with the ultrasound gel and has to be able to survive the ultrasound’s thermal effects and vibrations.

The following conditions can be treated with phonophoresis:
•    Post-injury conditions (dislocations, distortions of joints, inflammation of muscles, tendons, etc.)
•    Pain in rheumatic diseases
•    Low-back pain of neurological origin (i.e. root pain, discopathies, sciatica)
•    Bursitis and similar inflammatory ailments
•    Carpal Tunnel Syndrome
•    Foot/Toe Sprains/Achilles Sprains and Strains
•    Ankle/Knee/Calf/Neck Sprains and Strains
•    Hip Sprains, Thigh Sprains/Strains
•    Ligament Strains
•    OsteoArthritis
•    Post - Exercise Recovery
•    Neuralgia
•    Plantar Fascitis  or Heel Spurs
•    Rheumatoid Arthritis
•    Shoulder Capsulitis
•    Supraspinatus/Infraspinatus
•    Tarsal Tunnel Syndrome
•    Acute or Chronic Tendonitis
•    Tennis Elbow
•    Golfers Elbow
•    Tension Headaches
•    Upper and Lower Back Strains
•    Wrist/Hand/Elbow/Shoulder Sprains and Strains 

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